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Check out the class schedules available in our Federal Way Campus
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Our Exact Location:

1707 S 341st Place, Unit # D
Federal Way, Washington 98003

Office Phone: 253-874-0174
Fax: 253-517-5759

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Divine CNA Course Schedule

Upcoming Classes :

Class prices: Non-refundable registration – $50 + tuition fee $650 = $700.00. Fees include: 100 hours of class and clinical, text book, HIV /AIDS and CPR. If you have not started your 2-step TB process by the first day of class, you MUST have it done at Divine for $30 each test (a total of $60). NO TB, NO CLINICAL. MUST BE ABLE TO PASS BACKGROUND CHECK BEFORE ATTENDING CLINICAL. DIVINE CNA TRAINING 1707 S 341st PL., FEDERAL WAY, WA 98022 (253-874-0174)

CLASS SCHEDULE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE IF COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS ARE LIFTEDWeekday morning classes (Mon-Fri) 9am-1pm (Clinical week 6am-2:30pm); evening classes (Mon-Fri) 3pm-7pm (Clinical week 2pm-10:30pm)

June 1-June 26, 2020     June 22-July 10, 2020

July 13-August 7, 2020     Aug 3-Aug 27, 2020

Aug 24-Sept 18, 2020 * (see below)    Sept 14-Oct 9, 2020

Oct 5-Oct 30, 2020     Oct 26-Nov 20, 2020

Nov 9-Dec 4, 2020**

Weekend morning classes (Mon-Fri) 9am-1pm (Clinical weekends 6am-4:30pm)

May 30-July 26, 2020***     Aug 1-Sept 27, 2020

Oct. 3-Nov 29, 2020     Dec 5-Jan 31, 2020

*Skills Lab (in-house) Sept 8-11 8am-1pm and 2pm-7pm due to Labor Day

**Class (online) Nov 24-Nov 27 8am-1pm and 2pm-7pm due to Thanksgiving

***Clinical Sunday July 5 and Monday July 6 6am-4:30pm due to Fourth of July CLASS SCHEDULE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE IF COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS ARE LIFTED

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